Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Thing of Beauty

It's official. If my regular bouts of crankiness haven't yet earned me the karmic award of returning to earth as a larvae, I'm coming back as a golden retriever.

"What a beautiful dog!"

No doubt about that. Leggy, lanky and blond, she might give any Sports Illustrated Model a run for her money if it weren't for an overabundance of hair.

"What a lovely face-it looks like she's smiling."

She is the canine Cameron Diaz with an ear to ear elastic grin. By the way, you'd be smiling too if you had someone at the ready to pick up your poop with a Ziploc bag.

"Her fur is so soft; you must spend an awful lot of time brushing her."

That's right- I am Rapunzel's lady-in-waiting with a brush surgically incised to my hand. No matt would even consider forming in my presence; burrs run screaming at the mention of my name.
Truth be told, Grace is pretty much a wash and wear gal. Aside from her monthly after-bath brushing and a hindquarter trim to avoid the unsightly "saggy butt" look, she's on her own.

"She's so well behaved"

Admittedly, at times Gracie makes me look like the dog whisperer's prize pupil. She is sweet, affectionate and well practiced in focusing her attention on a new acquaintance. By accident or by design, she conceals the counter-surfing juggernaut who would happily snatch a donut out of the hand of a sleeping old man.

"Look-she really likes me!"

Please pardon the roar of bursting bubbles, but she likes everyone. She couldn't care less if the hand stroking her head is attached to King Kong, Godzilla, or the Son of Sam.

"You're so lucky to have her."

Wisecracking cynicism aside, I know I am. No one on the planet will ever be so happy to see me when I come home. She rarely turns down an invitation and always pays her way in good will. Who can blame me for giving in to jealousy? Compliments are showered upon her and she can accept a public body massage without fear of sexual harrassment. The moment is hers as she grabs it and hangs on for a good time ride.

Trust me- next time around, I'm going to be on the other side of the leash.

Photo: Gracie chills out after enduring hardcore petting sessions  during her hike to the falls at Bash Bish Falls State Park in southwestern Massachusetts.


  1. Grace is gorgeous. She looks like she coulda been a sibling of our Golden. We had him at a festival with us one day and a couple just fell in love with him.

    The man came back the next day and offered me $2,000 for him. I declined his offer; but did offer our firstborn instead.

    Lucky for me he declined. But then not many people want to adopt a 28 yr. old DJ.

  2. She's adorable. Happiness from a happy pet is truly contagious.

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  4. look great!

  5. Such a pretty dog! I get lots of compliments on my lab too, but he definitely doesn't make me look like the dog whisperer when he's pulling me on our walks! lol -Just more comments about him being such a pretty dog. :) The things we do for them... :)

  6. Oh! MY!!! Lots of Golden Thanks. I am honored that you featuring me on your blog n many thanks for your review on Blogged. Will sure mention your blog ... will let you know.

  7. Sounds like she is just as lucky to have you.

  8. Grace is courageous and adorable one. you said she is the canine Cameron Diaz and the most amazing fact is by accident or by design, she conceals the counter-surfing juggernaut who would happily snatch a donut out of the hand of a sleeping old man. So she is a super genius dog. saying hello to graceful grace.